Recovery From Divorce and Personal Finance Planning

The financial advice I would give to divorced women is: education. Find something that can educate you; whether it's creating more income, or managing money or something educational about finance.

Doing something, I'm a big believer in do what you love, because when you do what you love, the money just flows. When you're in your passion, when you're in love of what you're doing, then everything just seems to.

I know for me, the experience, everything seems to flow, everything falls into place for me. And when I do things that I think, or someone else says you should do this, that's where I always falter. But when I do something that I absolutely love, the blessings just flow.

Not being afraid of money, because sometimes women aren't used to dealing with money and have been dependent on their partner or their husband to take care of those kinds of thing. Don't be afraid of it. Look at it as a game and "oh, here's a game and I'm going to learn how to play it."

It is a game and it is something that is learnable and it has nothing to do with sex. But we, as women, we do have more stigma around money because we are, DNA wise, we 're bred that men are stronger. Men are the stronger of the sex and we are the weaker of the sexes and they are the providers, they are the protectors, they are the ones that should be taking care of us and they are they hunters and we are the gatherers.

So its DNA and that's something that men don't have to deal with. They just go out, they produce, they bring the money and that's it. They go, they hunt, they kill the deer, they bring it home, and we eat it.

So for women to have to go into, oh now I have to go out, I have to create money, I have to go hunting and kill it and bring it home, it puts us out of our feminine energy and into our masculine.

Although research shows that in actual fact women are better than men in financial terms especially when it comes to investing. It's because we don't have a problem following the rules. And we don't mind asking questions if we don't know.

They've proven that women's investment groups generally do better than men because they're willing to follow the rules. It's like OK, here's the rule, great! Follow them, perfect.

It's at the society level, on the grander level, it's shown that, oh yeah, men are in the high power positions, they're way better at money. I think it's a societal conditioning that we see it. It's like especially if you're growing up and you're a little girl you see that your dad is the provider, protector, brings the money and mom distributes. That's what I would experience, it's like my dad was the primary bread winner in the family.

So that's what I saw, my dad made the money, my mum made a little bit of money but she was the one that balanced the check book, she was the one that followed the rules, she was the one that did the grocery shopping and took care of this and took care of that and could follow the budget.

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