Emotional Cost of Personal Finance

What's your reaction when the monthly bills arrive? Do you feel nauseous? Do you feel sick to your stomach or have headaches? Or, do you feel overwhelmed or panic?

I am sure that you are working very hard to pay off your bills. However, your bills seem to never get smaller. Actually, it looks like they keep growing! You are not sure what is happening here, but you feel very exhausted working to pay all the bills. You feel like you can't do anything you want, no matter how hard you work. You feel upset and even despair. You feel inadequate, shame, and don't know what to do.

What's happening here? Your life is being taken over by the bills! Notice, your personal finance issues are costing your health! They are affecting both your physical and mental health. Are you stunned? As you see now, personal finance issues are very much intertwined with your emotional well-being, and they can even increase your chance of developing clinical depression and anxiety.

We are living in materialistic and consumption driven culture. The society makes us feel that we constantly need to purchase stuff. I know, we just try to fit into the society's norm. We don't want to feel left out. We don't want our kids to feel inferior. So, we continue to spend money to buy things. Besides, it feels good to buy stuff. Buying kind of comforts our feeling. So, what happens then? Basically, we work for stuff, and we drive ourselves into personal finance trouble.

Are we working for things?!?! Actually, we work to improve our life, don't we? Does stuff make our life better? Yes, in some degree, but when all your basic needs are met, probably, having another "I-phone" or "Shoes" will not make our life much different, would it? Yes, we get temporary comfort from buying stuff, but it will not last for so long. Then, we start to feel anxious. So, what do we do? Buy more stuff! It's a vicious cycle.

Controlling your finances is one way to boost your mental health. Instead of buying merchandise to comfort yourself, maybe, you can learn a new way to cheer yourself up. For some, maybe, there are underlying emotional issues of your financial struggle. Maybe, you could talk to someone? It may give you a new perspective on your problems. Going to see a therapist or life coach may be one way to straighten out your personal finance issues. Instead of spending money for stuff, maybe, you may want to invest money on yourself? Investing in yourself may be the best deal for your life.


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